About us at Edelweiss Trees

Established in 2000

Edelweiss Christmas Tree Company has become one of North-East England’s leading stockists, specialising in a fantastic selection of only the very best Christmas trees, all in a huge assortment of sizes.

Price-wise we are very competitive, due to our network of growers throughout Europe who we have worked with for many years.

Offering specialist advice and safe off-road parking, along with a huge floodlit outdoor display area, it is perfect for making that all-important choice.

Over 300 types on display at any one time!

The Norway Spruce - often considered the ‘traditional’ Christmas tree.

The Nordmann Fir - by far the most popular tree, with a great reputation for holding its needles.

The Noble Fir - a bit like the Nordmann, softer with more of a blue look.

The Lodge-pole Pine - great needle retention, vivid green colour and a wonderful scent.

Grown from Seedlings

We also stock a wide range of living trees. These are not trees that have been uprooted and plunged into a container, they are grown in the pot from seedlings and they can be replanted into a larger pot or garden after Christmas.

Our trees are sourced from England, Ireland, Scotland and Denmark. Over the years, we have worked together with the same growers and have built up a relationship that is second to none, ensuring only the best trees are selected every year. A lot of man-hours go into growing the perfect tree. If a tree grows too quickly you will end up with a lot of space between the branches. They are regularly tended in order to slow down the upward growth, which also makes them fuller.

They are regularly pruned to make sure they do not become too dense, as light won't get through and the needles will become brown. All are base-pruned while growing to ensure the lower branches do not need to be removed when it comes to putting your tree in its stand. This work ensures your tree keeps its unique shape and appearance. In stock we also have many beautifully ornate Christmas tree stands, all of which hold water, which is essential for the care of your tree.

For ease of transporting

We will net your tree free-of-charge. Tree tidy bags are also available at an extra cost to prevent any loose needles ending up in your vehicle.

A chargeable delivery service is also available on request. Every tree is sold with a guarantee. In the unlikely event that it suffers from prema¬ture needle loss, we will collect and replace it free-of-charge. We accept all major credit cards as a form of payment (apart from Amex) and telephone orders are welcome.

Customers are welcome to browse around for as long as they choose, enjoying the experience of walking through a ‘forest of Christmas Trees’.